Training Schedule

Official Training
Monday 9.00pm to 12.00am
Tuesday 9.00pm to 12.00am (League game)
Wednesday : Off Day
Thursday 9.00pm to 12.00am (League game)
Friday 9.00pm to 12.00am
Saturday 9.00pm to 12.00am
Sunday 9.00pm to 12.00am

Unofficial Training
Daily 6.00pm to 12.00am (subject to personal arrangement within members)


asmadi9009 said...

Mr. VC.. Official training other than Tuesday and Thursday starts at 9 pm and ends at 12 am as I was told by Abg Asan...extension of time from 11 pm to 12 am will be financed between members who agree to continue playing..TQ

asmadi9009 said...

sorry... RALAT... 9 to 11 am other than Tuesday and Thursday... he heeee

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