31 May 2011

KPPj8 Berat Nanang...

As you all aware (or maybe not...) we are currently have almost 68 nos of unregistered members. Since the approval of our club registration on 20th May 2011, first step we need is to register our members officially. In order to do so, all of us are required to fill up registration form (will be provided by Cikgu Lan or Rashidi) and pay lifetime Registration Fee of RM20.00 only. This issue is targeted to be settled by mid June 2011.

For information, we spend about RM550.00 per month to pay P8 rental (6days/ weeks inclusive of league's day) and we shouldnt have any problem if everyone of us fulfill their responsibilities to pay monthly fee of RM10.00

This is compulsory to all members regardless the number of days he or she came for training...so please do it for the benefit of all. RM10.00 per month is nothing compared to other sports or activities. To simplified the case, if member unable or reluctant to pay (RM10 per month), better don't come to P8 because nobody asked you to come by the way....

No need further lecture...but please remember :-

  1. To Pay Registration Fee RM20 (lifetime) between 1st to 15th June 2011
  2. To Pay Monthly Fee of RM10.00 per month between 1st to 10th of every month

Payment shall be made to En Rashidi or En Azlanxp @ Cikgu Lan

28 May 2011

KPPj8 Registration Certificate

Feel proud to show our club certificate...

Hopefully, everyone of us will contribute something to bring our club further...InsyaAllah

27 May 2011

P8 League - Table Standing Day 6

Table Standing : Day 6

26 May 2011

MMU Cyberjaya Table Tennis Tournament 2011

The tournament shall be held from  2-3 July, 2011
The Competition Venue shall be at the  Dewan Tun 
Canselor (Grand Hall) of Multimedia University

Each Team RM150.00

Champion : Cash prize RM 2,000 + Medals + Trophy
First Runner-up : Cash prize RM 1,200 + Medals
Second Runner-up : Cash prize RM 700 + Medals
Third Runner-up    : Cash prize RM 300 + Medal

25 May 2011

Awesome Point at WTTC Rotterdam 2011

P8 League - Table Standing Day 5

Table Standing : Day 5
Click Here for Details

22 May 2011

Liga Bergu KLO STA Siri 4: Report

Participants from P8 for KLO STA Series 4 held on 21 May 2011

  1. Dr Hisham and Hamir
  2. Azam & Shahrul
  3. Azroul & Megat
  4. Hakimi & Ezad
  5. Nafixiom & ManGanu
  6. Fazwan & Shahdan
  7. Noor Amin & Joe
Photo before departure to KLO

20 May 2011

P8 League - Table Standing (Day 4-Revised)

Pls reply if any wrong data...

KPPj8 at Facebook

All members are encourage to add....

18 May 2011

KPPj8 -Minute of Meeting No 1

Anybody can download it for reference

17 May 2011

P8 League - Day 3


9.00PM TO 11.59PM, 17 MAY 2011


16 May 2011

Kelab Ping Pong Presint 8 (KPPj8)




15 May 2011

2011 World Table Tennis Championships, Rotterdam, NED (May 8 -May 15)

Me, personally quite frustrated since Xu Xin and Ma Lin were out of tournament. Xu Xin was obviously outclass by Wang Liqin during Best of 16 Stage where Ma Lin stumbled against perfect Ma Long. It might be the last WTT Championship for Ma Lin...and will be the only big titles elude him forever, as the emerging of younger generation like Xu Xin, Zhang Jike and many more will definitely take Ma and Wang Liqin places. It make me even wonder, do we have any chance to see Ma Lin especially to defend his gold medal at London Olympic...so sad for Ma Lin fans. 

14 May 2011

P8 League - Table Standing Day 2

Gold League
 Note : Aiman & Aziz were differentiate by head to head record

Stick League

Those who are yet to turn up for league game, please do so next Tuesday 17th May 2011 (Day 3), otherwise you are automatically OUT of competition.

12 May 2011

Friendly Game with Subang Team - 14 May 2011

Friendly game with Subang Team is proposed as per below :-

Time & Date : 9.00pm - 12.00am, 14 May 2011 (Saturday)
Venue : Dewan Serbaguna P8
Format : 6 Singles + 3 Doubles 

So, we need about 12 players...all of you are welcome

11 May 2011

2011 World Table Tennis Championships, Rotterdam, NED (May 8 -May 15) - Analysis

Men’s Single Draw
1st Seeded : Wang Hao
2nd Seeded : Timo Boll
3rd Seeded : Zhang Jike
4th Seeded : Ma Lin

Top Draw

1)                1) Wang Hao (Chi)
16) Ryu Seung Min (Kor)
32)  Jun Mizutani (Jpn)
33) Ma Long (Chi)
45) Jean Michel Saive (Bel)
48) Oh Sang Eun (Kor)
56) Bastian Steger (Ger)
57) Jorgen Persson (Swe)
64) Ma Lin (Chi)

P8 League - Table Standing (Day 1)

Table standing after Day 1 are as follow :-

Gold League

09 May 2011

Liga Bergu KLO STA Siri 4 - 21st May 2011

Liga Bergu KLO STA Siri-4 will held on 21st April 2011. For this series, the organiser has reserved 5 slots for our double.

I would like to open these 5 slots to all KPPj8 members.You are required to get your own partner and register your interest. In the event we have more than 5 pairs and to be fair, selection game shall be held to select the best 5 pairs as KPPj8's outfit (selection game format will be decided later).
By the way, me will talk to organiser to possibly have more than 5 pairs....insyaAllah

For your information, Siri-4 is the last series prior to the Grand Finale and our double En Hisyam and En Zulkarnain already qualified for Grand Finale after becoming the Champion of  3rd Series previously. Hopefully we can have another pair qualify to carry KPPj8's flag in KLO STA Double Grand Finale.

Those who are interested, please register here or call/sms me.

1) Azam & Shahrul
2) .......
3) .......
4) .......
5) .......
6) .......
7) .......


08 May 2011

P8 League - Div 1 & 2 Table Pre-Standing

List of Players for P8 League Division 1 and Division 2

Division 1
Division 2
Game schedule at next page

05 May 2011

KPPj8 - 1st AJK's Meeting

Meeting will be POSTPONED until further notice...might be next week


KPPj8 will have their 1st meeting and was scheduled as per below :

  • Venue : Dewan Serbaguna Precinct 8, Putrajaya
  • Time : 10.00 am
  • Date : 7th May 2011 (Saturday) POSTPONED
  • Agenda :
    • To discuss the status of club registration inclusive of documentation etc
    • To discuss the status of club financial, bank account, expenses and sponsors etc
    • To discuss club's activities and future planning
    • Any other related issues
Attendant - AJKs are compulsory
                   - Members are encourage to attend

Please contact En Hassan Basri for further info

03 May 2011

Kejohanan Ping Pong SRTTC 2011 at UPM (30 April to 1 may 2011) - Report and Photos

Team event (2 Singles and 1 Double)

4 teams from KPPj8 participating in the tournament. Team P8A was presented by Azam, Hamir, Megat and Shahrul, Team P8B by Ezad, Hazrizad, Nafixiom and Razli, Team P8C by Aiman, Azamuddin, Azroul and Norhisam while Team P8D by Aidi, Hairi, Ishak, Marzuki and Noor Amin. Team P8A was drawn in Group D, P8B in Group E, P8C in Group A and P8D in Group C. Tournament kick off around 9.00am at Dewan Serbaguna, Pusat Sukan UPM.
In Group A, only 3 teams turn up. First match for P8C is against TDM B. Aiman played as first single and opened his account with 0-3 lost. Azamuddin and Norhisam were paired for the first time in double, but expected to level the score to have any change for second single to play for. Perhaps lack of chemistry and consistency cause them to surrender their game by 1-3 score.
Standing (left) Hamir, Amin, Izad, Hairi, Juki and Ishak
Megat, Shahrul, Aidi and Azam

More photos at next page

02 May 2011

Thoughts On Training

Table tennis is a fast reaction sport similar to the martial arts or boxing — you train by repetition day in and day out until a reaction becomes automatic, until you don’t need to think about it anymore. It is when the body does things on autopilot effectively. When you start to think about the strokes and especially about technique, you introduce problems, the thinking part of the mind interferes with the subconscious execution of the shot or serve and performance is affected. For a start the automatic reaction is much faster, you only slow things down by introducing the conscious, thinking process. This is why with players who have trained for many years and whose habits are firmly ingrained, you can often only change small aspects. You can only restructure the player’s technique by destroying his/her game and starting again.