29 April 2011


DATE / TIME : 30 April 2011 (Saturday) 8.00am

Participants from KPPj8

  1. P8 A : Megat, Shahrul, Hamir, Azam
  2. P8 B : Hazrizad, Ezad, Nafixiom and Razli
  3. P8 C : Aiman, Norhisam, Azamuddin and ManTopi 
  4. P8 D : Aidi, Ishak, Marzuki and Hairi

Map to Tournament's Venue...

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Pre P8 League 2011 - Final Table Standing

(Top 5 will play in Gold League)

28 April 2011

Pre P8 League 2011 - 8th Day Schedule

Pre P8 League Game : TONIGHT (28th April 2011) SCHEDULE

GROUP A: Aziz vs Lan Lambung (winner will plays in Div 1)

GROUP B: Completed (as Adi Bangi withdraw)

GROUP C: Hisham vs Azizul, Daros vs Marzuki and Marzuki vs Azizul

GROUP D: Shahrul vs Mus, Shahrul vs Razi, Mus vs Ropi



Rental of Dewan Serbaguna Precinct 8



  1. Monday (2 Tables 9.00pm to 11.00am)
  2. Tuesday (3 tables 9.00pm to 12.00am - League Game)
  3. Wednesday (2 Tables 9.00pm to 11.00am)
  4. Thursday (3 tables 9.00pm to 12.00am - League Game)
  5. Friday (2 Tables 9.00pm to 11.00am)
  6. Saturday (2 Tables 9.00pm to 11.00am)
  7. Sunday : Off Day
Other than the above schedule, KENA BAYAR SENDIRI!!!

27 April 2011

KPPj8 Players at KLO STA Series 3

KPPj8-Data Compilation


We are currently compiling all members data for our club record and references. In order to do so, we are very pleased if everyone of you could download and fill this form (below) and email back to our club's mail ie : precinct8club[at]gmail.com.

Your coorporation is highly appreciated....wassalam!!!

Note : Click Arrow Button to download form

Pre P8 League 2011 - 7th Day Table Standing

Table Standing - As 26 April 2011
Details Result : Click Here

 Match between Aziz vs Lan Lambung will decide whos go to Division 1...winner takes all. Ishak has secured his place in Division 1.

26 April 2011

Pre P8 League 2011 - 7th Day

Harap2 malam ni kita boleh habiskan game liga kita...

So saper2 yg ada game liga malam nie....mintak tolong datang ya
kalau tak datang jugak....baik tak payah buat liga, pening pala ah nak mikir pasal benda2 nie...yg bodo nya aku, korang tak de hal!!!

Sesungguhnya aku telah letih handle benda2 nie kalau korang tak mau bekerjasama...tapi kalau ada kerjasama, aku habis duit pon takpe....so tolong ah, kalau nak kekalkan liga kita nie!!!
Sebelum nie...tak de org yg paksa korang masuk liga nie kan???

Group A: Aziz, Lan Lambung, Cikgu Lan, Nor Hisham, Hafifisyah dan Hakimi

Group B: Semua Terlibat

Group C: Hisham, Fazwan Shar, Azizul, Marzuki & Daros

Group D: Shahrul, Mus, Ezad, Razi, Ropi, Hisham PjH & Hamir

25 April 2011

Liga Bergu KLO STA Siri 3 - Report

Participants from P8 for KLO STA Series 3 on 23 April 2011

1. Aidi & Amirul/Marzuki
2. Hisham & Zulkarnain
3. Azam & Zunnur
4. Megat & Hamir
5. Hazrizad & Ezad
6. Ishak & Noor Amin
7. Hakimi & Tengku 

8. Fazwan & Razi

We met at P8 on Saturday 5.00pm and depart to KLO about 5.40pm, reached there almost 6.00pm.

The draw was made and all of us being separated into 8 different groups. Games started right after maghrib prayer.

23 April 2011

The best of Penholders

Qatar Open 2011 : Quater Final Match Wang Hao vs Xu Xin

22 April 2011

Pre P8 League 2011 - 6th Day Table Standing

Table Standing - As 21 April 2011
Details Result : Click Here

 Dr Hisham and Jayen : Removed from league

21 April 2011

Pre P8 League 2011 - 5th Day Table Standing

Table Standing - As 19 April 2011
Details Result : Click Here
Note : Revised Table for Group A as 5.15pm 21 April 2011

20 April 2011

Serve Tips...

  1. Keep the ball low.
    Serves should always be as low as possible, just going high enough to clear the net. High balls can be attacked.
  2. Vary the spin.
    Use a variety of spins (underspin, sidespin, side-topspin, side-underspin, no-spin) to confuse your opponent and keep them guessing. Re-using the same serves over and over will become predictable, and opponents have a habit of learning how to return it better and better as the game goes on.
  3. Vary the speed and location.
    Try some very short serves, and some fast long ones. This keeps your opponents on their toes so they don't know what's coming. If you keep serving long serves, they'll start adjusting their position to play long serves better, so keep varying it.
    Go left, go right, short and long, fast and slow.
  4. Anticipate the return.
    When you've used a serve for long enough, you'll see a common pattern of how opponents return that type of serve. Learn to remember the common ways that the serve is returned so you'll know what to expect, and you can plan for it and recognize it as it comes. Then you will know what stroke to use next and will be ready. Don't simply react. Plan ahead. This is a chess match.

Ngomel sikit....jgn marahh!!!

The purpose of the serve is to setup your attack....if you arent attacking off your serve, then something is wrong or you having antss as your breakfast...wakakakakakaaaa!!!
There are 2 ways of going it, 1st is to develop your attack based on your best serves and the type of return you will get off those serves. If you had developed and mastered in a tricky side-top serve, so you should have a nice smash or "tampar" but if you are more mastered and really learned a superb backspin (bottom) serve, you have to master a loop game.


The most common things happened to recreational level up to World Champion, everyone makes mistakes. However, there is a huge difference between the us (cap ayam) and the pros. We tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Once we are down 2-0, or lose the match, or driving home after the tournament, we discover the fault and possibly think of solutions. Good players pause after each point and recognise the lapse, and know how to immediately correct the problem. Maybe…just maybe...we had several ways to think more between points and eliminate continued errors.
  1. Ask a better player to analyze your game point by point. When practicing with a higher-rated player, ask him to stop every point for 2 minutes and tell you what you did right or what you did wrong.

19 April 2011

Monthly Fee

Me spoke to Pak Hassan last night with regard to our club financial status.

Here some financial situation
Rental for P8 League :-
3 Tables for 3 hours = 12 x 3 = RM36
Game for 8 days (April 2011) = RM36 x 8 = RM288
Daily rental = RM16 to RM24


When to Pay : Between 1st to 7th day of the month
Pay to Whom : Pak Hassan
How Much : RM10/month <-- the cheapest rate in any sports. If cant effort to pay, please stay at home, don't come!!!

P8 Players for SRTTC Tournament at UPM on 30th April 2011

List of players registered for the above said tournament

Team Event (Round Robin - Fee = RM100/team):-
Team P8 A : Hamir, Megat Shahrul and Azam
Team P8 B : Hazrizad, Ezad, Razi and NafiXiom
Team P8 C : Marzuki, Ishak, Aidi and Hairi
Team P8 D : Azizul, Cikgu Lan, Johari PjH and Noor Amin

Individual Double (Knock-out - Fee = RM40/pair)
1) Hazrizad and Ezad
2) ManTopi and Norhisam PjH 
3) Hamir and Megat
4) Azam and Shahrul


Good Luck and TQ

18 April 2011

Tenergy 64 Review

Info from Butterfly
Price : RM200
Speed: 135
Spin: 105
Hardness: 36°
TENERGY 64 is the fast attacking rubber of the TENERGY family; the No.64 being the development code of the pimples used in producing this reversed rubber. BUTTERFLY High Tension technology has enabled a fast dynamic rubber to be produced by utilizing the innovative SPRING SPONGE.

SPRING SPONGE enables a player to “grip” the ball and “catapult” the return back at high speed and with heavy spin.

TENERGY 05 is recommended for playing close to the table; TENERGY 64 is for the attacker who plays for the offensive play in a middle distance.
User Comments :-
Well i finnaly played with the buterfly tenergy 64 rubber and i must say it is faster then the 05 and it is a very good rubber for mid distance players indeed. It is a softer sponge then the 05 but stil not really really soft.
If you play close to the table it is very easy to block with but because of the speed it is less easy to hit with,Opening and looping is good near the table but make sure you go for the ball, i found that near the table you can generate more spin with the 05 and further away with the 64 but still it was a lot more spin with the 64 near the table then with other rubbers,controll was ok to very good.

Friendly Games with MPOB, MARA and MPKj

On 16th April 2011, P8 players went for friendly game with MPOB, MARA and MPKj. The event was started on 9.00am held at MPOB Hall Bangi. P8 were representing by Azam, ManTopi, Ishak, Noor Amin, Hazrizad, Ezad and Masayu while one of our regular player, ManGanu played for MPOB. It was a round robin format with a Final Match between 1st and 2ns places to decide the Overall Winner.

Game started on 9.30am after all players having their breakfast provided by the organiser i.e MPOB. P8 first match was against MARA. Azam played as Men Single and win his first game by 3-1. ManTopi and Masayu combined as Mix Double but lost 1-3. Ishak and Noor Amin played as Veteran Double and also lost 1-3. Hazrizad and Ezad able to restore the parity with 3-0 win in Men Double, then Masayu delivered the match point by winning her Women Single 3-0, thus the final result P8 (3) - MARA (2).

17 April 2011

Pre P8 League 2011 - 4th Day Table Standing

Tables Standing - As 14 April 2011
Details Result : Click Here

15 April 2011

Kejohanan Ping Pong MELAYU SRTTC @ UPM - 30 April 2011

pasukan yg telah mendaftar setakat nih ...Click Here

1. 'Panadol' Hospital Serdang
2. KLO Dayabumi
3. Putrajaya Precint P8 A (Dr Hisham, Zul, & Hisham tak leh main...so kita kensel team ni)
4. Putrajaya Precint P8 B (Hamir, Megat, Shahrul & Azam - OK)
5. Putrajaya Precint P8 C (Ezad, Hazrizad, Aiman & Penama - Pls confrim player no 4)
6. Putrajaya Precint P8 D (ManGanu, Nafixiom, Hisham PjH & Fazwan - Hisham & fazwan to confirm)
7. Putrajaya Precint P8 E (Marzuki, Ishak, Aidi Pcg & Hairi Yasaka - Pls confirm...)
8. Putrajaya Precint P8 F (Joe PjH, Cikgu Lan, ManTopi & Azizul - OK)
9. ATM 'A'
10. ATM 'B'
11. ATM 'C'
12. Bentong
13. Kolej MARA Banting 
14. Penjara Kajang
15. MPKj
16. MPAJ

I really need URGENT CONFIRMATION + Tournament Fee (RM25/player) from P8 players. Your cooperation is highly highly highly appreciated

13 April 2011

KPPj8 Constitution

Those who want to access/read our club constitution, please feel free to click here.


Pre P8 League 2011 - 3rd Day Table Standing

As 12 April 2011

12 April 2011


These are the top 16 players of Japan based on the results of the All Japan Championships. Their equipment is published in the fourth issue of Takkyu Oukoku every year. 

Jun Mizutani (JPN)
R: Mizutani Jun (ST)
F: Tenergy 64
B: Tenergy 64

Kazuhiro Chan (JPN)
R; Custom (ST)
F; Renanos Hold 
B; Hammon Pro Beta

11 April 2011



TARIKH    :   7 MEI 2011 ( MULAI JAM 8 PAGI )

ACARA : BERPASUKAN (2 Perseorangan dan 1 Bergu)
  • Kelayakan Pemain :Hanya seorang pemain SUKMA/NEGERI (termasuk pemainpemain ATM, PDRM) dan MAKSAK dalam tempoh tahun 19962011, dibenarkan didaftarkan dalam satu (1) pasukan.
  • 24 pasukan akan dibahagikan kepada 4 kumpulan.
  • 6 pasukan dalam setiap kumpulan akan bermain secara liga untuk merebut 4 tempat ke atas.
  • Johan, Naib Johan , tempat ketiga dan keempat kumpulan akan memasuki pusingan kedua.
  • Undian pusingan kedua akan ditentukan secara “OPEN DRAW”.  
  • Pusingan kedua dan seterusnya, perlawanan akan dijalankan secara kalah mati.
  • Hubungi Encik Isrulhizam Abd Khalid (0192071714)
Huhu...banyak tournament lately ni bai, sapa nak main nie???


Price : RM120.00 + Free Gift...anyone???

Proposed P8 Player for SRTT Club Tournament (30 April - 2 May 2011) @ UPM

Venue : UPM
Date : 30th April (Saturday) to 2nd May 2011(Monday)
Fee : RM100/team
note : Monday 2nd May will be public holiday replacement.

Based on the TT session at Mamak P8 tonight, P8 players will participate for SRTTC's tournament and I was asked to arrange and setup teams.
Proposed Teams are as per below :-
P8 A
1) Dr Hisham
2) Zulkarnain
3) Hamir
4) Hisham Puchong
P8 B
1) Azam
2) Azroul
3) Megat
4) Shahrul
P8 C
1) Hanafi Polis
2) Ezad
3) Hazrizad
4) Aiman

10 April 2011



09 April 2011

Yasaka Rakza 7

Yasaka Rakza series is a family of spin-oriented tension rubbers those are made in Germany and announced after mid-2009. (Though Yasaka doesn’t use the name of “TENSOR”, all rubbers of Yasaka are made in Germany and are TENSOR rubbers.) That is to say, a family of “Tenergy-type” rubbers. So Rakza7 family is a weapon of YAsaka for fighting against Tenergy family of Butterfly.

There are two members in Rakza7 family - Rakza7 and Rakza7 Soft. Both of them are “extreme” type (= Tenergy 05 type) whose pimples are arranged densely. They share many features with Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 05 FX respectively. There isn’t any “intermediate” type, i.e. Tenergy 64 type in Rakza7 family. Instead, Yasaka launched Rakza7 P.O. which is a pimple-out version of Rakza7 family.

At first, Yasaka launched Rakza7 in early 2010. And then, Yasaka launched Rakza 7 soft in October 2010. Top layers of them are made of 100% natural rubber, and consequently boast very high spin capability and long lifetime. Their sponges have the same constituents and the same structure as those of rubbers of Tenergy series. They have visible bubbles.

RAKZA7 : extreme spin & hard feeling for top players
Origin : Germany
Integrated speed glue effect : Yes
Tacky top layer : No

Rakza7 is the first “spin-oriented” tension rubber of Yasaka, and was launched in early 2010.

Yasaka is a spin-oriented tension rubber of “extreme” type, i.e. Tenergy 05 type. Top layer is made of 100% natural rubber, and its pimples are relatively short and arranged densely with 2.3mm of pimple pitch. This pimple shape and structure provide very high capability of spin. This top layer is harder than that of Tenergy 05. Rakza7 can be classified in the same category as Adidas P5 or Nittaku Fastarc G-1.

As the “Spring Sponge” of Tenergy 05, the sponge of Rakza7 has visible bubbles. The density of sponge is 47.5 degree. So it is slightly softer than the sponge of Tenergy 05 whose sponge density is about 48.0 degree or higher. The color of sponge is cream (white).

Rakza7 is the weapon of Yasaka against Tenergy 05. Thanks to the harder top layer and softer sponge, the overall feeling of Rakza7 is harder than that of Tenergy 05 or the other spin-oriented tension rubbers of extreme type. Some players may think that Rakza7 is faster but provides less spin than Tenergy 05. But, it differs by playing style, player’s preference, player's level and the combination with blade. Top players can draw the full ability of this powerful rubber.

Available thicknesses of sponge are 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and 2.2mm (MAX). (Note : these thicknesses are identical to 1.7mm, 1.9mm, and 2.1mm or Tenergy 05 respectively.)

The lifetime of Rakza7 is very long. It may be even longer than that of Tenergy 05.

RAKZA7 SOFT : extra spin & soft feeling
Origin : Germany
Integrated speed glue effect : Yes
Tacky top layer : No

Rakza7 Soft is the soft sponge version of Rakza7, and was launched in October 2010 together with Rakza7 P.O. which is the pimple out version of Rakza7 family.

Top layer of Rakza7 Soft is the same as that of Rakza7. So, Hexer Rakza7 Soft has good capability of spin, and can be classified as  “extreme-type”. But, its sponge is softer than that of Rakza7. The density of sponge is 40.0 degree. Consequently Rakza7 is very soft, and provides great sound as speed-glued rubber. Rakza7 Soft is the weapon of Yasaka against Tenergy 05 FX.

Available thicknesses of sponge are 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and 2.2mm (MAX). (Note : these thicknesses are identical to 1.7mm, 1.9mm, and 2.1mm or Tenergy 05 FX respectively.)

copy & paste : tabletennis equipment

08 April 2011


Anjuran : Kelab Ping Pong Melayu Sg. Ramal (SRTTC) 
Kajang Selangor

Tempat Kejohanan : Dewan Serbaguna Pusat Sukan UPM
Tarikh Kejohanan : 30hb. April 2011 (Jumaat) Hingga 02hb. Mei 2011 (Isnin)

1) Acara Berpasukan (RM100/Team)---> Format (Round Robin): 
2 Perseorangan + 1 Bergu
2) Acara Bergu Individu (RM40/regu) ---> Kalah mati 
Tarikh Tutup Pendaftaran : 21 April 2011


Pre P8 League 2011 - 2nd Day Results & Table Standing

2nd Day Table Standing as per below :-

For Details Result : Click at "P8 League - Results"

For Details Result : Click at "P8 League - Results"

06 April 2011

Pre-P8 League 2011 - 1st Day Results & Tables Standing

1st Day Results as per below...

Table Standing

NEXT GAME WILL BE ON THRSDAY (9.00pm TO 12.00am) 7 APRIL 2011


05 April 2011

Kejohanan Ping Pong Terbuka UKM 2011

Time : 8.00 pagi – 10.00 malam
Date : 17-19 Jun 2011 (Jumaat hingga Ahad)
Venue : Dewan Gemilang UKM, Bangi, Selangor

Fee : RM90.00 (Team)
RM20.00 (Open Double)

Events :

1) Team Event : 3 Single Players (Round Robin at group stage then knock out stage)
2) Open Double : Knock Out Stage

For information, I did registered 4 Teams from our club but registration for open double is still open. In case we have more than 4 teams player (12 players), please let me know so I can discuss with organiser and they will consider...InsyaAllah

For Open Double...please get your own partner!!!


Pre League Precinct 8

Start Date : 5 April 2011 (Tuesday 9.00pm to 12.00am)

Total Players : 44 (Divided into 4 Groups: A, B, C and D)
Format : Group Round Robin with Best of 5
Total Matches/Group : 55 (Overall : 220 matches)
Estimated No. of Matches/Day : 36 (3 tables)
Estimated No. of Game's Day : 7 Days (3 1/2 weeks)
Prizes : Will be determined later
Fee : RM5.00 per player (Please pay to En Hassan Basri)

Group Distribution as per below:-
Top 5 position in each group will be played in Division 1 League (Total: 20 players), others playing in Division 2 League.

See you at P8 & Enjoy the game

04 April 2011

Friendly Game with MPOB - 16 April 2011

MPOB has invited KPPj8 players to joint friendly games which was scheduled as per below :-
                Venue                    : MPOB Office Bangi

                    Time                      : 9.00am to 12.00pm

                    Date                      : 16 April 2011 (Saturday)

Beside us, there are 2 other teams invited i.e Team MPKajang and Team Mara as part of their preparation for upcoming “Kejohanan Ping Pong Badan Berkanun 2011” at Terengganu. Game will be played in round robin according to “Badan Berkanun’s format, i.e :-

                1 Men Single
                1 Women Single
                1 Mixed Double
                1 Men Double
                1 Men Double (Veteran)

Those who are interested to joint this friendly game, please do register your interest…!!!